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Death gods only eat apples (anime, FFXI -- Assault)

Death Note may be the best anime series I've ever seen. I know, I know, unless it's shown on Cartoon Network I never watch anime anymore, but wow. If more of it was like Death Note, I'd make the time for it!

While looking for info about the series on a message board, I saw the oddest thing: Everyone called Light the villain of the series. That boggled me, because I've seen all subbed eps, and never once thought of him that way! Sure he's killing people and he's totally in the wrong to do so and sure the police are working against him, so... um... that does make him sound like the villain, huh? But for some reason I just don't see him that way.

If you've not checked out the series, do yourself a favor and do so. All the subbed eps so far are up on YouTube, just do a search!

That leads me to my big big request: Is there a torrent or something for the live action Death Note movie? A subbed version? There's a copy floating around on YouTube but the subbing is highly sucky (lots of Chinese in with the English) and the soundtrack is off by like 60 seconds. It looked highly cool though and I'd love to see it! I'd dust off BT to get a copy. :D


FFXI, general: Meh. Haven't been writing about stuff lately. Stuff happens, some of it good and some of it bad. BRD hit 71, fellowship NPC hit 65. Killed some NMs. Got my one-handed sword of trials and it must be mostly cleared. Besieged makes me amazingly happy, and I still find it impossible to put into words why. Going to skill Great Axe once I'm done with sword. DRK can get the quested WS on that, so what the hey. Almost have my clothcrafting glasses. (I'll make a better post sooner or later, sorry.)

FFXI, Assault people: Two small things.
1) Mind if we do them in this order: wall, wall, worms, GS? I need to change subjobs between walls and the others, and since GS is the most stressful for D we could do that last and then end.
2) Let's do a thing when we pop the chest: Since time is often short, whoever pops it should say 'lot' or something, then everyone lot or pass ASAP?
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