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Catching up (FFXI)

Non-players: Sorry for the uncut images; if I hadn't been slacking off on posting, these would have been spread over the last couple weeks.

Busy crafty day today! Finished my clothcraft turn-in and got my last pair of glasses! Which allowed me to make a new/smaller/better(?) sig:

I don't like it overly much, but at least it's smaller and has less wasted space than my first one. Unfortunately it has less personality, too. Oh well, maybe I'll work on it more another time.

The bigger part of the crafty day was that after a lot of thinking (seriously, I've been considering this for weeks) I decided to level gold to 100 on a mule. I wanted to be certain before I started, because I have gold 60 on Thistle, so if I wasn't going to take it further it would be a complete and total waste of money. But the thing that decided it for me is that I like skilling. I may do nothing with the crafts once I'm done (what have I done with leather 100? Sheep leather for profit, ha ha. A couple synths for friends), but I enjoy skilling and doing guild turn-ins, and there's nothing of that left to do on Thistle. (I could go for key items I don't need or gloves in other crafts, but... I don't need them, at all, period. I don't need the glasses either, but at least those are visible and rare.) So Chaser, my Bastok mule, is going to gold 100. I got her to 8 tonight, and eventually will run her to Jeuno to buy an airship pass. I may or may not level her to 20 so she can ride a chocobo (probably not). Must run corn out for the Selbina quest to get her fame up. Skilling with a size 30 gobbiebag is so hard! Especially gold, with so much unstackable stuff.

I'm really disliking the current bird I'm raising. He's my first physical-traits bird, and he's slow as hell to make progress. (His whole family line is made up of strong mental birds. Maybe that indicates that genes are kept through generations...) He's on day 48 and is only outstanding in str and better than average in end. All my mental birds retired a week earlier with first class rec and dis. :/ I think my bird dislikes me, too:

(Image edited for length.) The best thing he's ever found was a plain old beastcoin. Usually it's little worms, pebbles, and rotten meat. Thanks, NorthernSea.

This was the strange teleport bug I was describing the other day:

So vanished his name is gone!

A week or so back:

Woo! No more trying to level him! And I never have to do the tactics pearl quest again!

While SAM test hunting, we ran into a NM. Marquis Amon. He didn't drop anything at all, the slacker.

While partying on SAM, I was invited into a group with a "me" in it already. >< I took care of him! Nothing personal...

Lastly, for Nai: I saw what Niyo saw, too. Pre-Besieged. My shot is bigger, but I think his angle is better. I have the hair dat mod at least? :P
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