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Later and later every night! (FFXI)

So very sleepy, zzzz, but good day!

Assault static won all four, including two new ones! Puts us at 24 points (for anyone who hadn't done any before). We repeated Walls twice and then did, um... two others. *pokes brain with pencil* Imperial Agent Rescue (tricky, but we got it done even though we weren't a great setup for it) and Golden Salvage (the worst one we've done, oddly enough -- usually it's a walk in the park for folks! Much <3 to Draque for getting it done for us!).

Only odd thing was that again a Besieged hit in the middle of our static. Grrr. Last week the only weeknight it hit was in the middle of our static, too! So annoying, I only catch it once or twice a week now. I really really really think they changed it to decrease the number of attacks. Bah. Still! Very good night tonight! Eee! (*thunk, headdesk, zzz)

Ran goldsmithing mule to Jeuno (ha ha, no map of Rolanberry fields + zero sense of direction = fun!). Bought airship pass, did first gobbiebag expansion. Yay! Need more fame for others, so might deal with that tomorrow. Did zero gold skilling, but that was to be expected.

I haven't mentioned digging in a while, because in general it's sucking its usual ass. Tonight was even worse though (maybe because I went so late). 20 stacks of greens, three zones, still only got 80-something items. Forced 20 more with many more stacks of greens, but the best thing I got was crap. Bah.

zzzzzzzz Might be more stuff, but sleepytime now. Assault static people: Look below this post for the locked one! You should all be able to see it. Let me know if not.

And non-FFXI: American Idol started tonight, woo! I love these early eps. I missed most of it, but I recorded it so I can watch it at a later date! Yay!
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