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Curse of the Ugly Shoes (FFXI)

While most of my BRD armor has never looked very good, the shoes were always the biggest problem. Horrible browns and oranges and blues, clashing with anything else I wore -- how bad do shoes have to look that I'd actually be commenting on them? Unfortunately what may be my final shoes continue that trend. BRD hit 72 tonight and I actually look even worse than I did before! Blarg.

Our usual camp was disgustingly overcamped (5 parties there, when 3 is already pushing it) so we tried the Mire. Amazingly we were the only people there. o.O At least near the portal thingie. But still, unfortunately the XP wasn't so hot. 6Kish an hour -- the same as old area XP, but it just felt so much worse. The fights were surprisingly hard for the poor XP, too. (130-ish without band, with sanction.) The only cool things were how the mobs looked. Mostly we fought Qutrub! Eee! And the leaping move? Rack up more points in ToAU's favor! So cool!

An amazing three Besiegeds hit, nearly in a row. o.O We missed the first one (what's with them hitting during our statics all the time? >< ) but caught the other two.

Anyone else finding Hot & Cold to be harder since the update? Pre-update I failed two of them, grand total. In these few days post-update? I've failed nearly every one. Feels like totally a different game.

I think they "adjusted" digging, too. c.c Seems like Bore isn't having much (if any) effect anymore. I think they broke something.

Got Chaser up to rank 2 so she'll look slightly less horrible when seeking in the Dunes with no subjob. Leveled her up to 6 on MNK. MNK: Has the HP to maybe survive better, no chance of me being asked to pull, likely no chance of being asked to tank (though I may end up doing it anyway). Also got Holla telepoint (thanks guys!).

Playing a mithra now makes me SO SO SO SO happy that Thistle is a hume male. I was totally right in my reasons for making him male: I do not want people helping me out just because they assume I'm female. Today while I was soloing, I ended up resting next to another MNK 6 with no subjob. He was male. People kept running by and curing/protecting me, ignoring him. Over and over, people would go out of their way to cure just me. Grrrr.

On the crafting front: Much love to everyone who sent me crystals, especially Niala who gave me 50 or so stacks. *.* I'll have enough for a long, long time! No skilling today though; I need more silver ingots before I can do more. I'm making them when the guild price for ore is low enough. I'm also trying to get her moghancement over to fire before I get into the gold stage. I've noticed how badly I'm bleeding money (well over 3M into her thus far, skilling included) and it's making me wish I picked something a lot easier to take her to 100 on. :P (But I'll be sticking with gold.)
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