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Big screenshot post (FFXI)

While getting Chaser to gold 51 (eh, or .1 short of 51 >< ) I made a number of dat changes. Even more important: I have my skillpath to 75 planned out. I was floundering without it.

Thistle didn't do much. Processed some metals for Chaser, then caught a Besieged. Back to 100K IS!

This is a quote from yesterday. Nal, I said I'd have to wait a year to blackmail you with it, but is tonight actually the right time? ;)

Metals have been good to me lately. #3, dug up in Meri Mountains:

Unfortunately it's being saved for Chaser to skill on. Not being able to sell my ores is really killing my wallet.

This makes up for all the rotten meat my bird has found for me in the past:

Chaser's house doesn't look too too bad, other than: Welcome to Bastok, where all is grey. I like this corner a lot. I sent the tapestry over from Thistle's house, since he had too much for his walls and it has fire energy.

Now for all the dat mods! I'll include links to them, in case anyone wants them.

I had really, really hated Errant Houppelande on my BRD, so I changed it out for This version! I love that so much more! (Mod here.) Oh, the glasses are a mod of my goldsmithing shades. They're packaged with the RSE package below.

The very best mod of them all, and perhaps the best one ever other than the edited maps, is the goblin pack. Every single goblin type looks different now! That's just three of them, but they all have subtle color changes, the beastman seal added, and it's just so darned cool. (Mod here.)

I wanted to do this mod for almost a year now, but I just got around to it now. Realistic tiger mobs!
(Mod here.)

This one is desant_chan's fault. He uses an elf briefs dat swap for naked elves, so I wanted something more realistic for humes. Who wears short shorts? (Click if you dare.) It's rather shocking to see mostly naked guys around all the time now. o.O (Mod here.)

The last one is a changing of the hume male RSE. Here is part of it out in the wild, but the screenshot on the mods page shows it better -- and he looks like me! (Mod here.)
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