Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,

Blah day (RL, FFXI)

Lack of sleep, bad stuff at work, and other stuff has added up to an annoying amount of RL stress. Spent most of today grumpy. It didn't improve when I logged onto the game.

The Candysense was lost while I was at work. >< On one hand, it was overdue to be lost. On the other, it still annoys the hell out of me. I would have helped if I had been there! I can't help it that &#)(&$) work keeps me away. >< On the third hand, I know one person wouldn't have made a difference. On the fourth hand, not having to watch for Besiegeds takes a little stress off me and assures that a couple hours won't be removed from my too limited hours online.

Darned new moon was tonight, 0% when I wanted to skill on Chaser. When I'm 8 levels under cap. Did a few synths, which amazingly gave me 6 skillups. Hit 51. Set up to do a big run tomorrow. Should get a couple more levels. (So slow, so slow, so slow, feels like I'm leveling her slower than a snail's pace. It's driving me crazy! This is still the easy part of gold! Shouldn't be this slow! Thistle got gold 1 to 60 speedyfast! It's making me twitchy, I feel like a slacker.)

Today was also the worst day of digging I've ever had, period, hands down. 100 items and the "best" item was copper ore (or insect wing or pebble or flint stone, take your pick!). I got only those four items, about 50 flint and the other 50 of those three things. Guess I'm making up for the couple good days I had earlier this week.

XPed on BST in a LS group, went from 19 -> 20. Unfortunately I was a little high for the group and had to bow out early. I really like BST though, other than the treatment of pets. If I could switch one FFXI thing for a WoW thing it would be the BST/Hunter pet system. On WoW the pet is really that: a pet, an animal you take care of, one you need to keep alive, feed, one that follows you around in towns, etc. On FFXI, you charm a mob, throw it at another mob, and try to have the pet die before the other mob does. It's silly, but that makes me sad. That's not how anything should be treated, especially something that's helping you.

I was planned to switch to SAM once we hit 25, but I'm really enjoying BST and I'm totally meh about SAM. Even though SAM is a "should level" job, I might put it off and hit it with XP scrolls once WAR is finally finished (2 more levels of scrolls). It's not like I do much with DRK anyway, when would DRK/SAM be needed by the LS? I do most things as /THF for TH, /NIN for surviving, or /WHM for support.

At least tomorrow is Friday, the one night on the game I try to always keep as "off" -- no plans, nothing I have to do. I'm very tired and I need a relaxing, free night. I just hope work goes better tomorrow.

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