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Old McDonald had a farm, eee iii eee iii ooooh...

And on his farm he had some bees, eee iii eee iii ooooh. With a bzzz bzzz here and a bzzz bzzz there. Here a bzzz there a bzzz...

Old McDonald also had marids on his farm, but I have no idea what sounds they make so the song will end there.

That's about the whole night! Farmed bees and marid with Des, Dani, and Nil. Got XP, got drops, finally cleared my little bitty sword of trial! Soon Savage Blade will be mine and I'll have two jumping-in-the-air WSs! (Eh. Was Spiral Hell jumping-in-the-air, too? I've not used it in a year or so. c.c) (Edit: Nope, it's not. And the model viewer is such a distraction! *plays with it for 20 minutes without meaning to*)

Wasn't really intending to skill gold on Chaser tonight, but the bonecrafter from yesterday told me he had more bone patas for me, so I bought those and skilled with them. Got about .5 total skillup which didn't get me a new level, but each .1 is a step closer to 100! Just need 373 more .1s to hit 100! :P Somehow "373 .1s" sounds a whole lot more doable than "38 more levels".

My scorp harness and tiphia sting sold, which gave me a satisfying bump in cash. Also crafted for profit and now things just have to sell. (Good luck there~!)

Lastly: Digging has been one big giant load of suck lately. Too many nights where the best thing is mythril ore (2K) or giant femur (1K). I've not gotten a "big item" (plat/ori/alum/adaman ore) in more than a week. :/ I tell you, they really broke digging in that last update -- it feels like Bore almost never kicks in anymore. I've actually had trips where I lost money! That's not happened in ages!

Tomorrow? Who knows! I'll hopefully get more bone patas and do more skilling on Chaser. Must do RL stuff though, too! No more being Slacky McSlacker anymore!
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