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300 (RL, movie)

I've not gone to see a movie in the theaters for a couple years now. It's way too expensive, I hate having to see it with other people, and often I have a hard time sitting still for 2-3 hours. However, the trailer for 300 looked so good that I thought it might be the movie to get me back into the theater.

A friend works for a magazine and got to see 300 last night so that she could interview the stars today, I was so very happy to see her review before I had a chance to go see it.

"This was the most disgusting piece of pro-Iraq war propaganda I have ever seen."

Quoting: Then, ignoring the advice of the oracles, who are depicted as physically mutated men who prey on young girls, and the law, backed by a council who are portrayed as cowardly, corrupt politicians, Leonidas gathers 300 of his best soldiers and goes to bravely take on the Persian army. There's lots of talk about how "Freedom isn't free, it must be paid for, and the price is blood!" and how the Spartans must think of their wives and sons, and how they go to fight to spread freedom and stop the slavery of the Persians. Okay, yick. I think that's pretty clear propaganda right there, and it alone would have bothered me. But this movie takes it EVEN FARTHER.

The Persian army is depicted as an army of monsters. They are all less than human: they're all horribly mutated in one way or another, hunchbacked and grotesque. They're not white. They're sexual perverts! (And while we get jokes about boy-loving men [this from Spartans, mind you—Spartans who are all dressed in very manly and heterosexual giant leather jockstraps], of course what we see is women engaging in some form of pantomime lesbianism—because why not titillate while also casting moral judgment?)

And then there was even more to feel sick about, like the fact that the sole female character's only role seemed to be to allow herself to get raped by her husband's rival—and this was presented as heroic.

I feel bad for her, she has to interview the stars when she feels of the movie:
- What a vile, vile piece of trash.
- Never has a film made me feel so physically ill to be in the theater watching it.

So anyway, yeah. If you were like me and interested in the movie based on the trailer alone, you might want to rethink it.

Her whole review here.
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