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Workin' in tha coal mines o/~

Friday = night off on-game, so I threw myself into mining! And boy did it suck! But at least it was relaxing and new. Last time I went mining in Oldton (year ago? more?), I remember it to be an amazing place. Gold, DS, plat and lots of them! Today's haul? 1 gold, 3 plats. For 5 hours of mining and 9 stacks of picks. Amusingly, in all that time, I was the only miner. Once I got back to town, I saw another reason why: The moblin armor parts which used to be worth so much? Ptth! Down the hole! So I desynthed everything other than one kind (clothcrafting desynth) and I'm trying to bazaar those. I hope they sell, I have about 40 of them. c.c

Tabbing=crashing bug was hitting me so hard that by the last couple hours I was trying to mine using only 'enter'. Boy was that a challenge. I bet I missed a ton of points because mobs were in the way...

Other good news: I did more research today and found that very soon (couple levels from now) Chaser can make 20-30K profit per skillup synth! *.* Finished item will sell for 130K, and it costs 100K of materials I already have on hand! That profit is assuming no loss, of course. But that's stuff I already skilled once on, so even "total loss" isn't exactly that.

She got to 63.7 tonight, up from 62.9 last night! Woo lots of progress! Unfortunately plat ores cap at 64, so I'm going to go back to hydro patas for a few levels. Ugh. Wish I could find something else...

Strange timing on a thread on a FFXI message board: One person posted (and others agreed) that all skilling from 1-5 levels below cap was the same, and all skilling from 6-10 under cap was the same. Didn't matter if you were 1 below or 4 below. with me currently synthing only 1 level below cap, I could believe that -- I'm 63 and the cap is 64, and skillups are still really nice.

Last good news: Chaser is only 300 GP away from getting her shades! Yay! Tomorrow for sure!

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