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Sleepy Sunday (FFX)

Besieged ran really late last night (and I skipped the third one), but luckily I got to sleep in today. I can't recall the last time I slept later than 8 AM (4? 5? years ago? more?), but today I did! Until 9! Yay! And even my cunning plan to outsmart my cat worked: I fed her a second dinner last night, right before I went to bed, hoping to reset her "breakfast time!" alarm by a couple hours. It worked! me > my cat!

The biggest accomplishment of the day was to make silent oil. c.c I'm almost out, so I went farming slime oil and made some. Boy howdy, isn't that exciting!

The LS did Bastok missions 9.1 and 9.2. I would have liked to have attended (and maybe BRD's sleep might have helped), but I couldn't. LJ cutting to avoid as much Drama as possible.

Repeating: Read or skip, it's up to you. This was my decision, based on a lot of thought and talking it out with a friend.

While I very much wanted to help my friends (and it sounded like a fun fight), it is my opinion that it was wrong to bring that non-LS person along. (I'm not going to name him.) While rank 10 doesn't mean what it once did, a higher rank will get him parties easier and will imply some things about him, all of which are untrue.

Non-LS people: This person joined us on a CoP run. He was given the job to kite a mob. They entered the BC and he just stood there. As people yelled for him to kite, he asked "What's kiting?" and died. Everyone else died soon after because of him. He came to the CoP run with no meds (on a CoP run!), and someone had to pay to expand his gobbiebag so he could hold meds he was given. He also messed up on last week's Bastok mission run.

I could not in good conscience help him get rank 10, so I did not attend. That depressed me all day, because I did want to help my friends. I really hate that I had to choose.

I almost got through the whole day without skilling gold on Chaser (wasn't in the mood at all), but at the last moment I did (even though it's a new moon). Good thing I did! Skillups were nice (.3 total for 7 synths), though now I'm out of gold ingots. :/ Once I hit 66 (.5 more) maybe I'll switch to the plat rings... but they cap at 70 and I only have 7 stacks of ingots (2 needed per synth). They won't even come close to lasting. :/

While I'm not ready to go back to work tomorrow (going to be busy, ugh) I'm ready for some time away from the game. Spent hours in my MH today, not in the mood to do anything.
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