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*snickers* Poor Ead... and other FFXI stuff

That NPC site has a new elf/Ead picture up (probably not work safe), and "Ead" just keeps looking more and more girly~. *snickersnerks*

In the longest XP party our static has done (almost twice as long as usual) we all hit 73! Yay! Two more levels and a bit of a buffer before all done! Trolls again, which are rather nice mobs. Slow, soft, and they sleep well. XP feels slow though. I suspect it might not really be, but it feels like it is.

On Chaser, hit gold 68 finally! I know I keep saying it over and over, but even these low levels feel so much rougher than leather 90-100. I scrape and claw for every .1, and each level costs a couple million. For all the work I've gone through, I keep getting surprised at the level. 'I'm 68? Is that right? No, I must have reversed the numbers. 86, right?, 68... Drat.' Assuming I ever hit 100, this will be my very biggest accomplishment ever in the game. Getting a job to 75? HA HA HA. Leather 100? Not even close.

Didn't do much else. Tried to farm eles, but failed badly. (1 cluster in 4 hours~ Go me!) There was just no weather at all, wherever I tried.

No clue what I'm doing tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to catch a Besieged because I'm only 100 into level on BRD. Need a buffer. I keep thinking I need to go out and find a PLD soloing pink birdies and offer to duo until I catch up to static a bit, but I've been feeling so antisocial lately, I just don't want to deal with strangers at all. I wonder how well I'd solo them on BRD by myself? Hmm.

Assault static: Des hasn't turned in his wants yet, but if you want to see what we need and where, here's the info so far. Under 'max needed' it's not a total. So for the first one, where Dani needs 3K and Nai needs 50K, "50K" is correct at the bottom, since Dani's will be covered by the time Nai gets hers. My thought is that we'll spam Lebros and Ilrusi for now, since the most people want stuff there. Then, once we can do them in Periqia (when we hit LC) we'll focus there. Once we get all three of those covered (or if we all die from being bored of them) we can focus on the last two. Of course Des's wants may totally change this plan. :P (Edit: The 'total have' part is what the static has -- what anyone who has only assaulted with the static has. If you've done outside assaults, your number will be higher. I'm only going to track the static as a whole though.)
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