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Go-- Arg! *peers at LJ* (FFXI)

Arg. I hate pink. I hate hearts. Get the heck off my screen, LJ! *swipes at it* Blech!

Ahem. In FFXI news:

Assault night! We did Requiem, but were too casual about it the first time. (We usually stroll through Assaults, so I wasn't thinking it'd be much.) Second time, when we were more aggressive, we won. We were 5 members instead of 6 though, which didn't work as well -- when we repeat it, I think we'll be splitting up into two groups and killing two things/areas at once.

Ranked up to Superior Private! Yay! naikitty wandered the world until she found the hoofprint, and the rest of us slackers went out to get it.

Before Assault we killed a NM! I don't recall what its name was though. c.c Something Pikachu-ish. Got all of its drops! (Screenshots another night.)

Before that (clearly the theme of the night is 'reverse order') I went mining. I remember when everyone mined in Oldton because it had so much good stuff, but I've made three multi-hour trips and have gotten nothing. They must have nerfed it? I got 1 plat ore for about 3 hours of mining (5 stacks of picks). Rest was silver and zinc. So not worth it anymore.

Can anyone tell me what this Japanese means?

The guy stole my mining point, so I /disgusted at him, and he responded with that. It looks like an angry face giving me the finger. c.c

And before that, I finally, finally got the .1 I needed on Chaser's gold. She hit 69! This last .1 was insane though, I worked on getting that for three days and used about 4 stacks of gold ingots (330K/stack). 48K GP. Will be happy when I hit 100 GP and take my break.
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