Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,

Chocobos and gold and access and digging and stuff (FFXI)

Much much much better night than last night, though not nearly enough time to do all that I needed/wanted to. So let's have a list!

- Nice Nai got me all the subjob items and so Chaser got access to the ToAU areas! Soon: Locker! Didn't have time to even go there tonight though. Hopefully tomorrow! Locker, locker, locker, I need you so much!

- Tried chocobo digging on Chaser. What a laugh! Ha ha ha! I have no idea how anyone sticks through digging at such low levels other than that they don't know any better. Nine stacks of greens, on the bird the whole half-hour, and I got a grand total of 11 items! Pebbles, insect wings, little worms, and best of all... drum roll... a bird feather! *snicker* I'm going to stick with it, though no way will she be getting her 100 items per day anytime soon. That 16 second delay between digs is a killer.

- As a reward for getting her to MNK 20 with fully leveled subjob, I got another gold level! Gold 71! The million gil it cost really hurt though. Tomorrow (or whenever I have time) I'll craft with my remaining materials, but very very very soon I'm going to stop buying new materials to skill. I need cash left both for non-crafting game life as well as doing her turnins. (Very sad, haven't been able to do her turnins in the last two days. Items I couldn't make or too expensive. Still at 60K/100K.)

- Eee! Bitty baby chocobos hatched today! Both are male, which hopefully is a good sign. (All of the females I've raised thus far have, um, died. *cough* Every male has lived until adulthood.)

Both chicks had the same parents. Happy parents! Red and black!
Father: WinterStorm, owned by Cydori, first class both mental traits, knows Bore and Treasure Finder. Red.
Mother: NorthernWind, owned by Aurian, first class both mental traits, knows Burrow and Gallop. Black.

Chicks are: NorthernStorm (Thistle's) and WinterWind (Chaser's). Both were male, born with poor stats, and both knew Treasure Finder. (Both will be taught Bore.)

Hey, naldene, here's the screenshot you asked for: Matching RDMs/lamp ornaments.

And I switched out DRG wyverns to make them look less cute and silly: Eeevil wyverns! You can't see it too well in the picture, but their teeth and claws are longer, their "tail spikes" are longer, their eyes are "evil", and of course the coloring.
Tags: ffxi:chocobo bloodlines
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