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Productive day! (FFX)

It's late, I'm tired, so this will be short~

Got Chaser her locker! YAY! And man, was it easy as pie! I was expecting it to be a bad run, but by going through the Ruins it was so easy it was almost silly. I got too many coins though, so both Chaser and Thistle now have their lockers paid off for the next year. :P Chaser has all the coins she'll need to fully expand hers, too! And I still have 100K IS. Heh.

Digging on Chaser was almost funny. Went out twice, half hour each, 10 stacks of greens each. First run gave her 12 items, like yesterday. Second run? 2 items! Ha! So silly. I'm ging to give it a month or so, trying to dig on her at least a halfhour a day, and see how it goes.

I was sort of planning to skill gold tonight, but wasn't in the mood for it at all. Have all the materials on hand though, so can tomorrow or whatever. Instead we got Nal 2/3 of her Kazham keys, as well as the Mea crystal, before a storm swept her off.

That's about it! zzzz Sleepytime now~
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