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Assault static: Tuesday's plans (Plus mission and WSNMs.)

Plan A: (If Des is here.) Do one new assault (Troll Fugitives), repeat until we win. Once done, go off and do the mission for Nil. By hook or by crook, we're going to get caught up on ToAU misssions before the update! Unless we don't~

Plan B: (If Des remains MIA.) Des is leading edge of our group, so we'll do repeat Assaults. No mission, as we really want 6 for it.

(EDIT: By request, removing Requiem, doubling up on Preemptive.)
1) Preemptive Strike (Mamool Ja Training Grounds, kill all mamool -- Draque as /RNG, please.)
2) Preemptive Strike (Mamool Ja Training Grounds, kill all mamool -- Draque as /RNG, please.)
3) Orichalcum Survey (Leujaoam, find the ore -- bring invisible and your hatred of stairs.)
4) Lamia No.13 (Ilrusi, help the NPCs kill the lamia -- Draque as SMN to keep charm on Carby, please. Nil and I as BRD.)

Link to wiki Assault page, for more info on any of these.

If Draque wants to go to Orichalcum Survey as SMN, we can switch two and three.

Boy, don't I feel bossy! If anyone has any issues with this, let me know.

Note: If we do get Nil caught up, I'd like to try to do the last mission on a weekend so that we don't have to miss assaults to do it.

On an unrelated note: We're really backlogged on WSNMs, too. We have katana, sword, and staff(?) to do. One more skill level (and finishing of sword) and I can get the dagger of trials, too. If we can get any of these done without Des, let's try? With Des is better of course! But if we can without him, that'd leave more time to mission.

Dani, which one was yours? Staff or club? (Edit: Dani says club!) Is it doable with less than a full party? I'm pretty sure Nai's is, since she was trying to solo it. I'm pretty sure mine isn't, since we need a lot of people to get through the gates?

Want to try for, say, Thursday to do WSNMs?
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