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Meh night, interesting chocobo info, screenshot for Dani (FFXI)

Good: I caught a Besieged! FINALLY! Yay! Only level 2, so 400 XP, but at least it's something. Plus: Fun! Now I just need to catch my next one in less than a week.

Good: For the first time, synthed for profit on Chaser. Nothing big, just ingots. Roughly 10K profit per stack, roughly 40K profit for an hour's work. Meh. At least it's something.

Good: For once I was able to do my digging in the Desert! WOO! It was so nice to see this sort of results -- not even great items, but that much green! Yay! (Walked out with 1 plat ore, 4 gold ores, 1 DS ore which I lost when I tried to synth it, along with assorted other good things like coral frags and such.)

Good: Chaser's digging still appears to be improving. She got her first 'rare' level item today! Yay!

Neutral: I tried soloing a Lesser Colibri as BRD 73. Seems do-able if I'm uber patient, but not practical. Took me 5 minutes to get it down by about 20%, sleeping it multiple times so I could recover MP. I'm not patient enough to spend ~20 minutes killing one mob. Slept it and zoned. On the plus side, little risk of death.

Bad: Bored As Hell. Other than the Besieged, was bored all night. Blarg.


Interesting chocobo foo: My two chicks are brothers. Same parents. Eggs handed in 24 minutes apart. They've eaten exactly the same food (in the same order even), done the same daily stuff with me, do the same overnight stuff. Everything is as close to the same as possible. They hit 'parent' level affection the same time.

Despite all that, today WinterWind went up to substandard in disc while NorthernStorm is still all poors! I had totally expected them to be mirror images of each other (stats-wise).

So the question is, is the difference caused by a real difference in the two chicks? Or is it more like 'Every day after doing X activity Y times there's a random chance for a stats raise...'?

Nine more days till they hit teens! Chaser has to keep hers no matter the color (she needs a callable one), but Thistle's finds out if he lives or dies then~


Screenshot for Dani: Mmmmmm! If you had gotten goldsmithing shades instead.

And randomly: One of my mules putting a costume to good use.
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