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Icon! And stuff. (FFXI)

New Chaser icon, because she got her apron! It still makes me grin to see it on her, because even having one myself, when I see a GS apron on someone I know they worked really hard to get it. Now I'm one of those people! (Whole screenshot icon comes from.)

The title you get when you get the apron is rather annoying though:

Silver? Silver?! If silver was all I worked with, I wouldn't be as poor as I am. How about Platinum Princess/Prince? Gold God? Silver is just silly.

On a side note: Why are the guilds full of people crafting in the "traditional" ways? Woodworkers using saws, metalworkers using hammers, clothcrafters using looms. Why do they? Why not use crystals like we do?

On Friday, for the first time ever, I saw Leaping Lizzy unclaimed! She's mine! No drops, but this is only the second time I ever saw her and the first time unclaimed, so that's cool.

Hume females are hot in glasses~.

Today all of our XP static hit 74! Got a third of the way through the level, too. Woo! XPing went much much much better than last week.

Nai, Dani, Beanie, and Nif helped me finish up Savage Blade after that! Woo! On the way we snagged a NM ant (I forgot to take a screenshot, bah), and we got his drop! A sword for Nif! Yay!

Savage Blade is great! Just wish I had more of a chance to use it (when do I use sword on DRK?). Screenshots capturing a cool jumping WS are hard to get. Look! Up in the sky! And landing: poor, poor goblin smithy.

No plans for tomorrow, guess we'll see what happens!
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