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Updates and nerfs and digging and stuff (FFXI)

Nothing overly exciting on Thistle: Yesterday got the dagger of trials halfway cleared. Today's Eco and Escort XP scrolls got WAR almost to 37. Who knows what I'll do with the scrolls after -- the plan had been taking SAM to subjob levels, but meh. Who knows.

On Chaser: She actually leveled up in digging! *boggle* I expected it to take weeks if not months! Wait 11 is so much nicer than 16.

On a related note, the Wiki page for chocobo digging is So Damned Wrong that it's funny. I could correct it, but I decided against it -- it's selfish, but the more misinformation out there, the better it is for me. Plus, reading the page makes me laugh every time. Someone who knows nothing about digging must have written it.

Today's update brought some seemingly good things for DRK. At first I was really excited (both spells make it look like soloing EPs will be less deadly!), but then I remembered Absorb-TP. Recall that spell? For the first week DRKs had it, we could actually keep up in skillchains. No more "loldrk!". Then what happened? A week later it was nerfed to hell and back. >< So excuse me for not getting excited about the two new spells; apparently SE enjoys kicking people while they're down and will likely nerf them if they turn out to be good. (Seriously, it's worse being given something and then having it taken away than never having been given it at all. Imagine if SE changed DRG's 2hr back after letting them have the new one for a week! Or rolled back/nerfed all the good PLD changes.)

This last bit may seem a bit ironic, in the face of Chaser leveling tonight. Digging on Thistle is pissing me off. It's been about 8 months since the nerf, I have dug every single day other than one day. Weekends, holidays, every day I get my full 100 items. And how often have I leveled up? Never.

Imagine if this was another craft and SE basically "froze" all leveling after 60. How would people react? You could level to 60 just fine, but there will never be another level 100 crafter on the game, ever. Is that fair? That's what any non-A10 (top level) digger is facing. (And yes, sometimes I get good stuff, but will I ever get the best stuff? No.)

Think about that. Eight RL months, spending 30-60 minutes a day on it, every single day. Not one gained level, yet many more needed to get to top level.

Depressing, isn't it?
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