Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,


TV first: I never, ever would have guessed that I would enjoy The Wedding Bells. The ads and promos made me want to stab things -- they looked so stupid! But I laughed (and snickered, snorted, cackled, and snerked) through the whole hour. And boy did I need some laughter tonight! I can't wait to watch the rerun on Friday!

FFXI: The update ended up taking just over eight hours. I'm not going to mention it or think about it again. It's over, done, and gone.

During the downtime, I made a new sig. I liked the old one (<3 Bara), but with BRD almost 75 I needed a new one. I'm not sure if I'm totally finished with it yet, but maybe.

The two new DRK spells cost a total of 100K (30K and 70K) from the vendor. Way more money than I would have hoped, but they're nice spells!

Level 7 Besieged growing. zzzz I've had three hours or less of sleep per night the last four nights. Exhausted. But going to stay for it. (Stupid me.) Caught the very tail end of the earlier level 7, got only 333 points. :/

Happily stored all three Dream items. Yay for three more locker spaces!

Digging was surprisingly nice! An ori ore (!!!), plat ore, and two DS ores.

Going to try out the new spikes (animation is the absorb-TP animation, just made black) and Drain II in the coming Besieged.

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