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Odd but good day (RL mostly)

A couple days ago, if you had asked me to describe my perfect weekend, I would have said one which I never had to step out of my apartment -- heck, not even leave the computer other than to sleep. Today was not like that at all, and it was pretty darned nice!

Starting with 10 hours sleep was great (and very surprisingly, it's just after 8 PM and I'm ready to go to bed again!). Woke up, showered, then cut my hair. (Some people panic at mention of that, but mine's easy to do.) Cut about 4-5 inches off -- it was very long and overdue! It's still long, but "reasonably" long (to midback) instead of annoyingly long (small of back).

Then logged on to the game for XP static. Was nice to see everyone and to talk and stuff, but I was itching to log off as soon as we were done. I had plans! :P

Plans started out small: I needed a plant pot to repot a tree (little tree, given as a live Christmas tree three years ago, been in the same pot ever since). Poor thing has survived amazingly well for as badly as I treat it, so I decided to change that and take better care of it.

Shopping for a pot (really just needed to go across the street) expanded into lunch (mmmm, been forever since I last went to a sit-down place!), into shopping for a new chair (this one has been broken for, um, a year or so. c.c), to shopping for new sneakers (way overdue, too. See the trend here~?). And amazingly, I enjoyed it all!

My chair is going to be a trick though. They had a deal on free service to put it together, and I have to go pick it up tomorrow, but I have no idea how it'll fit in my car. It's a pretty big chair and my car is very small. I'm going to have to pick up some of those elastic cable thingies to maybe tie it in. (I thought about not having them put it together, but even if it were in a box it wouldn't fit well, then I'd have to lug it home and put it together here.)

Then I spent more time on-game tonight than I really wanted to (I logged on to move my mule and saw two Besiegeds were about to happen, so decided to stay). It ended up being about three hours total, and again I was itching to get offline by the time it was over.

Exciting plan for tomorrow though! I'm going to a farmer's market in the morning! (Probably the same one tersa goes to, in MV by the train station.) It's silly but I've wanted to go for two years or more, but "never had time" (ha ha).

It feels kind of silly writing about RL, like RL couldn't possibly be as interesting as FFXI, but heh, here we are.
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