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Fastest Post Ever~ (RL, FFXI)

It's late and way way too hot (70-something outside, 80-something inside), so this will be fast. Bed calls!

Farmer's Market: Best Thing Ever. Loved the people, lots of fun. Bought too much stuff.

Picking up new chair from Office Depot: Worst Company Ever. I ordered it at 1 on Saturday, went in at 11 on Sunday to pick up, no one put it together. They said come back in 20-30 minutes, came back in 40, not done. Stood in store 45 minutes, not done. >< They ended up giving me a 50% discount (was supposed to be 15%, but the cashier's first language isn't English), which was nice... except when I took the chair out of the trunk TWO screws fell off! ><

FFXI: Logged on to check /bmap, saw people gathered in the Safehold, joined in on a panty run! Got BRD panties (items for quest not up at AH, but will deal with that tomorrow), got Fomor Cloak from Eba (wanted that ever since I lost the lot by like 2 to some non-LS person), and a Fomor Codex~!

Stayed on later than I wanted, but I was tired, it was fun, and didn't feel like doing anything else, so it's okay.

zzz now.

Oh! And I cooked my own garlic bread! Best Bread Ever. Mmm.
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