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Baby, it's HOT outside! (RL, FFXI)

Way too hot for mid-March. *pantpant* Luckily it should break tomorrow, otherwise I'd have to turn the AC on.

My old sneakers spoiled me: They were mostly made of this mesh stuff, so every time you took a step air flowed through. So nice! So light! So cool! The new sneakers feel like I have my feet sunk into a couple of blocks of stone. c.c Doesn't help at all that they're a half-size smaller. I'm going to give them a bit of time and see if they break in, otherwise get a new pair. (If only I could find the mesh kind again! Maybe I can order them online from the company...)

Good news~! My blender arrived today! A stick blender thingie. As a way to increase my fruit intake, I'm going to make a smoothie thing every day. Fruit + non/lowfat yogurt, non/low fat frozen yogurt, or juice. Today was vanilla yogurt + frozen cherries. Mmmm. (I'm not too sure if I should be using frozen fruit with the blender (it says not to use it on ice cubes), but I did anyway. I hope I don't ruin it!) I meant to use my fresh strawberries today, but I forgot. Tomorrow! Fresh strawberries + frozen vanilla yogurt. Mmm.


FFXI: Logged on after work to deal with turning my fomor subligar in, only to see a Besieged in progress. Not knowing how long it had been going on, I grabbed minimal BRD stuff and warped. Went on a long, long time. c.c Got full reward!

Eco and Escort after -- the two scrolls gave me WAR 37! Ha ha ha! Only, what, two years after getting DRK 75 do I have WAR as a fully leveled sub. :P

After that was another Besieged! So long, nearly two hours (even with people mostly leaving Medusa alone). The level 7 XP is nice, but we should get a (big) bonus when it runs so long. We battled for a good hour with all the generals dead; it's amazing we didn't lose!

Very bad news: I had been holding out hope that Ice Lamps had been the answer to my MH problems. That must have ice energy! I could get rid of the giant beds and ugly screens! Ha ha ha, look what it takes to make them. >< Ice Ore, Scintillant Ingot (Orichalcum Ore, Luminium Ore x3), Aht Urhgan Brass Ingot. Oh, and gold 98. Bah. So I said to hell with it and just put my mannequins back in. I almost never do leatherwork anymore, I'll survive with only 100 +2.

zzz So hot. Have to sleep though.

Tomorrow: Assault static! Yay!
Wednesday: Off! Yay!
Thursday: Assault static in new area! Yay!
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