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:/ day (RL, FFXI) & FFXI PSA!

RL was meh. Work is annoying right now (the whole daylight savings time change has increased my work by ten fold. Just another thing to thank Bush for~!). At least the weather cooled.

Smoothie Of The Day: Meh. Good idea, but didn't work out well. The strawberries I bought on Sunday were going moldy (bah!) so I only got to use a few. Added in a half of a banana (I don't like them, but try to eat them now and then), what strawberries I could save, and a bit of orange juice to frozen no-fat vanilla yogurt. Was semi-okay, but not sweet enough -- almost sour/bitter/tangy.

And know what? Freezing and then thawing bananas does not work. Not unless you want a mess of brown goo floating in yucky liquid. :P (I didn't use these, tossed them out! Ewww!)


FFXI: I feel really bad. Besieged hit in the middle of our Assault static (gods above, every week! How many Assault statics have we had without a Besieged happening in the middle?), but this time we didn't go. RL even caused a 45 minute downtime in the middle (unexpected, and even if we had expected it, wouldn't have been long enough to attend), but we just waited at the Assault gate. We lost the Besieged, and I felt just awful -- not because we missed it, not because we lost it, but because I feel like... like it's people's duty to attend if they're online when there's an attack. (I know this is totally just me and others do not share my opinion. I don't expect everyone to!)

See, I love (LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE) the idea of defending the city from attacking beastmen. (From the first time I started playing this game, I said how cool it would be if the orcs attacked Sandy.) I love that city even more than I do Sandy, and it fills me with pride to be able to help defend it. It feels like a good thing, it feels like an important thing. (I know, I know. It's a game, it's not a real city or real monsters, but that doesn't change how it makes me feel. When the Besieged ends and we get the success music and the CS, I sit up straighter and grin, my chest feels full. It's so cool to be a part of such a big, important thing!)

So, personally, I feel like I let everyone down by not attending. The city was taken. We were lost. And it happened while I was standing around scratching my ass at a BC gate.

I feel like I failed, like I was worse than a slacker: I put personal business before my "duty" to the city. :/

(***Please note that I'm not blaming anyone for anything. RL happens to everyone, and static is scheduled for this night. This is just how I feel, and it's why I was so darned antsy as we waited.***)

Anyway, so after we finished Assaulting (13 x 4 again. zzzz), I had nothing left to do. Mostly I just watched TV.

FFXI PSA: The FFXI AH site is now fully open! You can register! Add an online bazaar! Post a want-list! Set your transactions to show any number from 0-255 transactions! YAY!
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