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Smoothie of the day (RL, FFXI)

(People told to look for the locked post: It's just before this one. Everyone else: It's just static news, so it'd only be spam to you. :) No worries about missing out on anything!)

RL: Friday night is supposed to be my 'dinner out' night, but I wasn't hungry so I just grabbed a bite and came home. Much later I made my smoothie of the day, and it continued the trend of not coming out well. ><

I tried to keep it simple: One pint of strawberries, one serving of frozen no-fat vanilla yogurt. Strawberries are yummy, the frozen yogurt is yummy, so the two should have made a yummy drink! For some reason it didn't work out well. Didn't taste like much of anything, other than slightly tart. Maybe my strawberries are defective! (Or my taste buds...)


FFXI: I hate the new fishing system so much. I spent five hours fishing tonight. I spent four hours last night. I'll continue fishing for the next eleven days.

One of my goals before I quit the game is to win the fish ranking contest. Finally, for the first time ever, the fish is one I can "easily" catch. Unfortunately that means every other fisher on the server will be able to as well. :/ I think I have a good fish for it, but I'm pretty sure it's not good enough. (If one website is to be believed, the fish size can vary from 190 to 570. The contest is for the smallest size. Mine is 245. Pretty darned low (majority of the ones I fish up are 350-500), but probably not low enough yet. *keeps fishing*)

(Fished 'easily' meaning it's 40 levels below me and I can barely catch it before that 'you don't know how much longer you can keep going' message. I've lost it to that and to the 'lack skill' message many times. Stupid stupid new fishing system.)

There was also a Besieged! Yay! Best thing about it was that the fighting was fun. Worst thing was that it was socially embarrassing. c.c (I don't believe I ever said that of anything on the game before!) It was nice to finally spend some time with achika_soladia though, and to meet her friends and LS folks. :) We should do that again sometime, even if we can never be married~ *sniffle*

Tomorrow: XP static and BRD 75! Yay!
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