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Game good, RL okay, computer >

Well, I have screenshots for the FFXI section of this post, but my FTP program isn't working. Which is okay, since I don't know the address to upload stuff to my site ( doesn't work). It might be saved in my email, but I haven't seen my email all weekend -- can't remember the address, bookmarks all gone. ><

At least when I go to work tomorrow I'll have some of my bookmarks so can check my mail and stuff.

The other issue with the new computer is that it has no floppy drive, so all of my old computers are now totally cut off. (When I needed to move something I saved it to disk and copied it over that way. They're old and don't have CD drives or USB ports and such.) I hadn't noticed that until I found a cute bit of art naikitty did and wanted to copy it over. :/


RL: Went grocery shopping, yay. So tired of buying strawberries and finding the middle of the container to be moldy.

Smoothie was meh. Salvaged strawberries, strawberry-orange-banana yogurt, and OJ. Meh.


FFXI: COR 18 -> 20! Yay! COR has been, hands down, the easiest job I ever took through the Dunes. 5 levels in 6.5 hours (across two days). I didn't spend even 5 minutes total seeking. Yesterday's party had a PL, but most of today's didn't until the end. Won't get to XP more until Wednesday at earliest though.

No Besiegeds today. Bah. We've now hit the one week mark since I last saw one.

Got my dagger quested WS with a LS party! Yay!

Killed a NM goblin. Watched Bune get killed.

This is so much less exciting without pictures.
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