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zzzzz (FFXI)

Sleepy, sleepy. Been a bad week sleep-wise.

Started with assault (13) x3 (folks forgot to grab an extra tag *waggles finger~*). Went okay. Hate was messy with only one dispeller but we never died so that's okay. Finally we're all done with the area! Yay!

Made bullets for an hour or two. Then hey, since I had them, went XPing COR. I'm getting tired of XPing. (I'm really rather surprised I lasted this long.) Went from 20-22. Gun! Yay! Can't hit the broad side of a barn! Boo!

I wanted to take COR to AF level because the AF is so darned sexy (especially on my model), but when would I wear it? Anytime I don't have to be otherwise I just stay as BRD for the ego boost of invites every 20 minutes or so love that is Mazurka. Nothing, not even sexy AF, beats how handy Mazurka is.

Tomorrow's my first night off on-game, which I was going to go XPing in, but meh. Who knows. What I really (really really really) need to do is make money. How many weeks has it been since I stopped GSing/making money/etc? And my money is exactly the same amount as it was. Blah. I keep thinking I should go back to digging, but... meh. We'll see tomorrow.
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