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Relaxing yet sleepy day, yay! (RL, FFXI)

First off: Thanks to everyone for the font size advice! I can see now!

Second, important: More pet food recalls. :( Unfortunately one brand my cat eats is on the list, sort of. The recall is for M/D dry, and mine eats M/D moist. I know it would say moist if it included that, but it still worries me. Heck, at this point all pet food is starting to worry me. Which brand/type is going to be on the list next?

FFXI: I had said I wanted to do something fun today, but didn't know what it would be. Turns out it was Besieged, which is about the most fun I have on the game! I caught one wave before work, one wave soon after I got home, and the last wave is going to attack in the next hour or so. 3/3! That rocks!

Other than that I went mining with meh results, but the important part was to try to find out for sure if my tabbing=crashing bug was gone. It seems to be! Yay!

I did a ton of muling/organizing/selling. I shipped all my SAM and COR armor off to my mule and now have room to actually store my BRD armor on me when I'm not doing anything that requires being dressed!

And to end on an amusing note: I almost died to a level 36 NM (Smothered Schmidt) tonight. On BRD 75. Note to self: A naked BRD with no instrument or weapon cannot fight much of anything. I was punching it for 0-3 (mostly 0, crit for 3), I kept dia and requiem on it, but it kept getting my HP down into orange. Even with (one) ballad on me, my tiny MP pool couldn't keep up with curing me and trying to damage it (banish 1/2). Thankfully undead doesn't bloodaggro if they're TW, otherwise the bones, ghosts, and hounds there would have swarmed me. :P
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