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Uneventful day

Only real highpoint of the day was finding an interesting movie to watch (The Island), but as usual my nonexistent attention span kicked in and I missed the last quarter of it because I couldn't just sit there and keep watching. Bah.

I watched this week's Lost, and it was the first ep in two seasons that I actually enjoyed. Of course it didn't seem much like Lost at all (the ties to the main characters seemed just thrown in there), but wow, good stuff. Maybe they should turn the show into a weekly horror hour thing instead of stretching the plot out thinner and thinner.

FFXI: Not much at all. XP static this morning, but only went half the usual time because poor Dani wasn't feeling well. I pulled for one of the first times ever (our usual puller had to skip) and amazingly it was the first time BRD didn't put me to sleep. I didn't even have to turn the TV on to entertain me! Add on top of that that our camp/XP area was pretty darned near impossible to get lost in (I almost never got out of the sight of everyone else) and it worked out surprisingly okay. About 3K to next merit.

I spent most of the rest of the day struggling to make money. Went mining for a couple hours (zzzz), actually went digging for the first time in weeks (ZZZZ), and then did some horrible farming (drops pretty much didn't exist). Didn't get much good from mining or digging. Basically it was wasted time.

No Besieged attacks at all today. >< They're probably going to all happen overnight. I always laugh when the HNM LS people bitch about the game being tilted to keep things in JP time, but now and then I understand why they feel that way.

In theory, tomorrow I'm going out of the house. I need to go grocery shopping (to buy chicken, of all things! I've not eaten meat in how many years and now I need to buy and cook chicken for my cat. *twitch*). I also want to go to the JP place to have lunch, but we'll see how the timing works out.
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