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I taste like chicken (RL, FFXI)

RL did not go as planned. I was looking forward to going out to the Japanese place at lunch... but it turns out they're closed for lunch on Sundays. >< I went somewhere else, but it sucked. Bah. While I love California, I really really hate how restaurants are out here: They're often closed on the weekends (lunch, dinner, one day, both days, varies), and even on the weekdays they tend to be closed between meals. Like open 11-1, then closed 1-4, then open 4-whenever. It's very annoying if you want to eat at non-regular times. Or weekends.

So after my sucky lunch I did some fast grocery shopping, mostly to get chicken for Miss Kitty. I went a tad overboard and bought two packs of thighs, six pounds each. Not counting cooking time (two hours), it took me three hours to process it all. Fish it out of the icky water, get all bones out of it, pull it apart into kitty-bite sized pieces, then wrap small batches in plastic and toss those in ziplock bags, then freeze it. My apartment smells like icky, greasy chicken, I had to clean my kitchen from top to bottom, and I was wrist-deep in chicken for way too long. BLECH. B-L-E-C-H. If I didn't already not eat meat, I'd never want to see chicken ever again.

Belatedly it struck me as amusing: I bought 12 pounds of chicken for my 10 pound cat. Heh!

FFXI: When we last left our hero, he was frowning over /bmap and tring to make the beastmen attack before bed. They didn't, but they were due to attack, so he slept lightly. Woke up at 1 AM. 'Oh no! It's too cold to get out of bed!' Woke up at 2:30AM. 'Nope, too tired, not going to get up to check on a game.' Woke up at 3 AM. 'Too cold! Too tied! Not getting out of bed!' Woke up at 4:30 AM. 'Hmmm, well, I guess I could check...'

4:30 AM and someone (trolls?) was at level 6. Another wave was at level 3. Heh. The two attacks ended by 7 AM (it felt like no time had passed at all, I think I was playing while dozing!), but unfortunately the sun was up and the birds were chirping. I knew I'd never get back to sleep!

But I did! Yay! Got three more hours of sleep, which was really really nice. I didn't do much on game after that (RL took up most of the day), but I'm so happy I actually got back to sleep for once!

Oddly the Undead still haven't attacked. They've not attacked since Friday. *pokes them*

I went digging again, which was okay only because I got 45 of my items in the deserts. SE really needs to adjust things and not have the good stuff all in two connecting zones. It's annoying that if you can't dig in the desert it's really not worth doing it... thus it's always dug out because all the diggers know that.

Been doing more chocobo racing, mostly because I can set a race going and then walk away for five minutes or so. So happy I raised a good physical bird a while back (first class in both physical traits, knows gallop), he easily wins all his races. Last official race is tomorrow.
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