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Finally! (FFXI)

Finally, after way too many months and roughly ten chicks raised, I finally have a colored bird!

Following family tradition, the grandson of kamalloy's aptly named red WinterStorm is red NorthernSnow. Seen here, with his sister philia's black bird: Red and black! Yay!

Oddly, when we check breeding between the two (yes, brother and sister c.c) the chick turns out yellow. But no worries! This will be the last chick I ever ever ever ever raise. Ever. So sick of this timesink!

Happily Chaser's bird is almost done. Needs one more bump up in rec, then will be first class in both disc and rec (Bore and Treasure Finder learned). Chaser's bird is the oddest one I ever met: Know how you can keep "learning" stories after it knows two abilities? Its energy bar will fill up. It learned Bore on the first try. So with two abilities (born with one), I read the next story for energy. Learned it first try. Read every single other story, all learned first try except one (took three tries). I almost fell out of my chair.

When finished, NorthernSnow will be a copy of Chaser's. Then I'll be done done done!
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