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FFXI meta

Whenever Besiegeds keep me up past my bedtime, I'll have a header image to use for my posts!

Before Besieged (and after, too -- caught two attacks tonight!), I finally got the annoying Siren Flute series of quests done. Spent another two hours in Castle Zvahl Baileys. Ugh. Brought the total to four hours for this one key alone. >< Luckily naikitty came out and helped kill things -- it was nice to have company!

While doing the last quest in the series, I was mumbling to myself. "How like SE! After four hours of standing in the Glacier waiting for weather, then eight hours dealing with the keys/chests, now I have to wait for a 10-minute window that happens only once an hour. ><" You could only click the ??? between 16:00 and 18:00 hours gametime. I arrived there at 19:30. ><

Then as I read the final CS, I had to say the same thing. 'How like SE! What a great storyline!" That pretty much sums up the whole game: A god-awful time-waster which makes you jump through hoops made of flaming dog poo... but once you're through the reward kind of makes you think it's worth it.

And perhaps not so oddly, I'm so happy to have a Siren Flute again. My Siren Flute. I worked so darned hard for it! Even though I have a different instrument with the same stats, it's not the same. MY Siren Flute, I earned it!

(And if anyone mentions CoP in relation to 'the reward being worth it for having been made to jump through hoops of flaming dog poo' I'll kick you. :) )
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