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Where'd the weekend go? (RL and FFXI)

Pretty darned sucky weekend, but it was totally my own fault. My sleeping got seriously messed up because I caught Besiegeds when I should have been sleeping. I only ate one meal all weekend, but grazed on popcorn both days. (Note: I no longer like popcorn quite as much as I did before this weekend. c.c ) I really really need to go grocery shopping, but I hate going because I stand there in the store and can't find anything I want to buy. How silly is that? I should be skinny for as little as I like food.

Digging on Friday was odd in a great way:

(Image edited to remove a line of LS chat. All three came in a row.) The whole outing was like that: Five plats, a philo stone, and a DS ore all in a few digs. It's days like that that keep me digging through all the bad crap.

Other than that, I mostly stood around and waited to do synths for random people. Some guy from a HNM LS (PlusOne) tried to track me down for three days to do a synth for him; we were just never in the same place at the same time. I was sort of surprised, because I thought all HNM LSs kept high level crafters from all crafts in their ranks. Anyway, it was my first time crafting with a HNM drop. (Not going to count the time I tanned some guy's behemoth hides, since those could have come from the NQ mob.)

Step one: The mane!

Step two: Synth! ...oops.

I had tanned the buffalo hides for him, so it was "only" 40K lost on those, as opposed to 100K if he had bought the leather. The AH price for the mane was 300K, but he got them when +1 killed the mob. Still, I felt bad! And I was embarrassed, too. A bunch of people checked me after I broke it. c.c

Luckily he had extra and I made these for him! Yay!

It was a very BST-y weekend. After I made that for him I stood around a couple hours to catch up with a guy who needed two Bison Warbonnets made (one for him, one for his in-game SO).

Other than that, I didn't do much. XP static on Saturday was fun for the first time in a while. (No offense to my <3 staticmates, of course. XPing any job with any group puts me to sleep. XPing is boring!) At one point we had four (five?) mobs on us and I had to keep them all slept! Was mucho exciting and fun.

I really wanted to get some XPing on SMN done, but... see the above paragraph. c.c I just couldn't make myself do it.

I also actually did some leathercrafting for profit, which I haven't done in ages. (Not the synthing for people, that's more to help out than for money.) Oh, and Chaser finally had enough material to do some skilling! She got to 73.4 (up about .5 total on two stacks of gold ingots). Digging = gold = ingots = Chaser can skill. Another good reason to keep digging!

Now tomorrow's Monday, time to go back to work. Blah.
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