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Mostly productive day, RL and FFXI!

RL I got most everything done. Mega-grocery shopping (new record spent! $250! *boggle*). My cart was overflowing, and once bagged it didn't all fit back in. I was really really out of everything and it showed. Unfortunately I bought too much frozen stuff and now it's packed without even a tiny bit of space around stuff.

Didn't get to go to the pet store (trunk was full of frozen stuff), but otherwise got all my RL stuff done!

FFXI: Whew! A ton done, too!
* Caught up on mission foo (CSs and going down into the underground area to get the CS at that blank spot).
* Attempted camping of Morion Worm. Spent roughly three hours, got him three times (the first three spawns), got three copper ores each kill. c.c At least one (more likely more) camper showed up and I never got him again. Going to give up on that. I could have made a lot more money just farming slimes.
* SMN! I was kicking myself because I hadn't worked on it all day, so decided to go out even though I was in Bastok. Killed EPs, then got bored and went to the Highlands to kill DC worms, then hey, I was close to the Dunes so why not go there and seek?

12 -> 15 in one day! Yay! The party was actually very nice. XP was rough as hell (people died nearly every fight -- though I never died once~!), but they were good people so it was worth it. It started with the usual /tell invite, but once I accepted he said something along the lines of 'We're all RL friends restarting on this server. We have no subjobs, but we're not new to the game. If you don't want to party with people without subjobs, I'll understand.' Such a nice person! Too bad they all died so much, even though we were fighting as low as Ts. If I'm not too tired after static tomorrow, I'm going to see if they're around tomorrow and take them to get their remaining subjob items.

The only funny/embarrassing part of the night is that I hadn't intended to go to the Dunes, so I wasn't prepared at all. My armor was: Kingdom aketon, some level 1 pants that dropped off a mob I killed, and field boots. :P Luckily I had HQ earrings that Chaser made for me and a couple rare/ex things from events and drops from low level NMs (like the MP wand from that bird in the Windy newbie zone). I usually take great care to have good armor, so this was a tad embarrassing. (However, everyone died a minimum of five times, and I never died once, so I guess it was good enough!)

Like COR, SMN is a million times better in a party. I even got to do lots of backup curing, which is surprisingly satisfying.

Didn't get to have dinner, which is sort of surprising since I now have food. Breakfast tomorrow though! Yay!

And finally: The Candysense got rescued tonight! Yay! Yay!

Sleepy sleepy now. zzzzz
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