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Hurry up and wait (FFXI, Pokemon)

The day had its ups and down.

XP static: We had to get one random since we were missing a DD. Our camp is far out in Trollland, a pain to get to, so if you don't make the initial trip with us you probably won't get there. Annoying random left about a half-hour after we arrived at camp. >< We went on with five, but killed noticeably slower (only were able to kill five before respawns started instead of the usual six). While RL happens and sometimes people have to go, it was still annoying.

Besieged: While this should have been a good thing, I misjudged their growing speed and ended up waiting in the zone 2 hours and 45 minutes for it to happen. 2 hours and 45 minutes for a 15 minute attack. So a grand total of 3 hours spent to get 300 XP. Go go go good planning on my part! 9.9

Fomor hate clearing: Spent every singe second of doing this cursing CoP. *kill an orc* Damned CoP and its time-wasting crap. *kill a gigas* Fricking jumping through hoops for no reason at all. *kill an orc* Punish people for helping others. *kill a gigas* Who the hell thought this was a good reason other than to make people do more busywork for no reason at all. So CoPish.

Ha. Just writing about that annoyed me all over again. :P

To cap off the night, digging was crap. Worst in weeks. Again, my own fault because I left it until evening on a weekend. Desert was dug out (duh, shouldn't have wasted my time/money even checking there), Woods and Thickets had five diggers just that I saw!, eventually I ended up in the Dunes. Sometimes I seriously wish I was on a server with fewer diggers, I've read of some servers where diggers usually have whole zones all to themselves. *mumble*


Very very very oddly, I find myself looking forward to the new game. I really thought I was totally over this whole Pokemon thing. I decided I'm going to go with the fire starter, even though it's a god-awful monkey with its butt on fire. The icon is better: you can't really see its butt. Plus the evolutions get better looking with each one. But most of all... I always start with the fire type. :/ (Though admittedly, when the fire type was that awful chicken-thing I dropped it into the storage computer as soon as I got some other fire type.)

I also finally saw the new Pokemon cartoon "movie" (three eps together). It was typically bad Pokemon (such god-awful stupid decisions made by the characters), yet as usual I enjoyed it. Tonight I wondered aloud to Dani how in the world people could enjoy an awful series like DBZ, but I suppose the very same thing can be said of Pokemon.
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