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FFXI and Pokemon

zzzz A Besieged was building last night, but even a couple hours after my bedtime it wasn't even close, so for once I was reasonable and went to bed. Unfortunately going to bed =/= going to sleep. Slept like crap. Woke up every 15-20 minutes all night long, even long after the Besieged must have hit. (I didn't get up for it on purpose, I was exhausted and wanted to sleep!) So I was very very tired all day today.

FFXI: I finished soloing SMN to 20, a nice place to stop. Finally got to use my year+ old Carby Mitts, and boy did they make a difference! Before them I'd do one fight then need to rest for MP (used up 50-90% of it in one fight). After mitts? Never needed to rest unless I needed HP! Mitts + juice = no cost for keeping him out.

Unfortunately it still took me many hours to use up dedication. Didn't get dinner until almost 8 PM again. That's getting to be an annoying habit!

But now SMN is done, unless Dani wants to duo for a while to get her through Korroloka Tunnel. Either is totally fine with me, it's an okay job to solo (eh, or duo), I just don't want to party with it. (Unless in a LS static, maybe.) I also think it'll be really amusing to see two Carbys beating on big ol' worms. (Eh, Carbies? Carbys? Both look wrong.)

Pokemon: Only had time to play for an hour tonight. Amazingly my starter pokemon evolved (did they do it so early in the other versions of the game? 15 or so?) and with his evolution he got some fighting move, thus I was able to stroll through the first gym. (I even kept Magikarp out for the two first fights so he'd get XP!) I picked up a Zubat, Geodude, and Onix for the fight, but never needed them. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am, the flaming monkey poo-headed pokemon did the trick. And he looks somewhat better now that he's evolved, too.
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