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I'm exhausted, but I need to stay up for 20 more minutes to make a phone call, so let's get screenshots handled!

First off... wow. While in my screenshot directory to get the new screenshots, I looked at those from exactly one year ago. Has ToAU really been out a whole year already? From 4-25-2006 is a screehsot from a really early ToAU mission. Wow, a whole year? It doesn't feel that long at all. I still love the new city so amazingly much. Love the style, love the music, and of course Besieged is my most favorite thing in the game. It doesn't feel like it's been a year, it all seems so exciting and new still. :)

Anyway! Speaking of Besieged, I caught two tonight! Yay! Only level 2s, but hey. My first ones all week! Yay! The first one I partied with achika_soladia and her nice LS folks, and the second with my own LS.

Just a few quick screenshots:

SPOILER: A cool one from one of the later ToAU missions. I saw that, um, image-thing in the model viewer, but it looks even cooler in game. Too bad Michael Jackson that darned fruity elf pirate is in the way. :P

I giggled out loud when I saw this guy. A+ for living up to your name!

And lastly, I used to hate the ceiling in CN -- all those spiders crawling up there! But now, with my new computer and graphics card, it's not so scary anymore. Instead of spiders, I get black blobs in dark boxes. It's strange that everything else in the game looks a hundred times better, just those spiders are messed up.


Pokemon: Meh. Had time tonight, but only played for an hour. Caught a Psyduck, failed to catch an Abra. Didn't make much in the way of progress. I know you're supposed to talk to all the NPCs, but I hate wasting time doing that. Unfortunately I think I'd enjoy playing red/blue on the DS more than this new game. :/ Oh well! I'll keep plugging along as time allows.
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