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RL tech question and FFXI

Question: Anyone have any ideas if this would be an issue with my TV or the cable company? Sometimes my picture goes black, but I still get sound just fine. 98% of the time it happens on the SciFi channel, I've only had it happen once or twice on one other channel. (I can 'fix' it by changing the channel and then changing it back to SciFi. Unfortunately this doesn't help at all on Tivo-recorded stuff.)

My TV is old, so it wouldn't surprise me if it was a TV-related issue. However, it's mostly just happening on one channel, so if it was my TV I'd think it'd be all channels...


Today was supposed to be a special day: Our XP static disbanded, so for the first time in more than a year I did not need to set my alarm to wake up on a Saturday morning! I was going to sleep in! ...except a Besieged was due and I'm an idiot. I got up to check at 4 AM. Undead were starting to build. Okay, go back to sleep for an hour. Got up at 5 AM. Yay! Building fast! Slept for another 30 minutes, then got up and stayed up. Bah. So much for sleeping in!

However, luckily, all three waves attacked (and I caught them all! Yay!), so in my best guess we will get no attacks early tomorrow morning. Thus tomorrow I will sleep in! Or try to. I so often fail at that whole sleeping thing.

No matter when I get up, I'm going out tomorrow. Either to the farmer's market if I'm up early or just to get lunch if I'm not. I do need to do more RL stuff too (clean clean clean! Must clean the apartment spotless! Company is coming!), but I'm mostly done with what I set out to do this weekend.

On-game I didn't do too much, but catching three Besiegeds is amazingly great, so it's all good. Digging sucked so much ass (SIX charges on my whistle used trying to find a not-dug-out area). 6K in charges + lots of outposting + getting nothing but crap = a lost money day for digging. Bah. I really should stop on the weekends...

Other than that, spent the day following <3 Nai around and making sure random XP parties didn't kill her.

Lots of screenshots tonight, but first a 'One Year Ago Today' thing. I actually have a screenshot of the 'trolls on the move' message from Besieged! I wonder if 4/28/06 was my first Besieged caught? I should check my LJ post from then and see! And look at this, the radar from that time:

Remember how it used to not move you to a random place in the zone? :D How much the event has changed! (Edit: Nope, wasn't my first. But ha ha ha, Besiegeds only lasted 2-3 minutes back then, and I was going to use a one handed weapon because people thought reward was based on number of swings and number of times you plain old made contact with the mob! Hee. Edit 2: Ah ha, the first Besieged ever on Midgar was 4/26/06. I wrote "The first besieged happened on Midgar, and of course I was at work." Ha ha ha, that's the story of my Besieged life! :D)

Okay, screenshots! The first one is for everyone who told me not to beat, kick, shoot, burn, or threaten to kill my bird.

See? See? It works!

So off I went, riding on my red bird. I rode here to dig (does this count as flying? Both feet off the ground!) and I rode there to dig (I think I have to wear my aketon whenever I ride him!), but I was starting to feel bad. Green chocobos are cool because they look all camouflaged in the Woods and Thickets! My bird doesn't blend in anywhere (except maybe if I could ride him in IC...). Then I found it! The place my chocobo does blend in! Red bird camouflage!

I just need one more disc increase and then, um, four? more rec increases for him, then I can retire him and never ever ever raise another bird again! (Until SE introduces some new ability or activity that we need a bird for...)

While I was with Nai, this other party kept asking me for help. They were both nice and cute, so I kept giving them raises.

That made me giggle.

Just a quick shot I took, not set up as well as I would have liked (I was worried he'd run away). My model as a BLM. That armor may be the sexiest in the game, and I have no idea at all why BLMs get it. Mages should wear robes and cloaks and stuff, tattoos and muscles should go to DDs. I'd really like to know SE's logic of giving it to mages. :/

And lastly, the armor event. While it didn't annoy me as much as a lot of other events, it was zero fun for me. Plus my dinner got cold on Friday night while I did part of it, which didn't help matters. I didn't expect to post any screenshot from it, but the colors on this one came out too pretty to not post. Look at those purples and blues! So nice! (Watch it only look that nice on my monitor, everyone else will be scratching their heads. :P ) I got the shinai(sp?) and way more importantly the three warp objects. I'd really like to know why SE made such a useless "weapon" though. :/ It might as well have 'Storage Space -1' in its description.

So that's that! Bedtime now! zzzz <3 everyone!
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