Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,

Besieged (FFXI)

Besieged: Good.
Besieged, undead wave, level 7: Less good.
Besieged, leaving work almost an hour early to catch: Not very good.
Besieged, lasting two hours long: Bah.
Besieged, lasting two hours long, every single general falling in the first 20 minutes: ><

What a headache. Three hours of sleep last night. An hour and 45 minutes of trying to kite mobs out of the Hall, pull and dodge Medusa (at the same time!), and wasting 150 MP (240 total) over and over on AFK dead people.

Amazingly, we actually won. Started with 300 people, ended with barely over 500.

Headache, exhausted, sinuses killing me, but amazingly we won. As far as I could tell, people were even mostly leaving the NMs alone.

Good work, Midgar. It's nice to be finally able to say that. :)
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