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Oops! Forgot I wanted to post tonight~ (FFXI)

Okay, wow. While uploading a screenshot for tonight's post, I looked at my 'this day in the past' screenshots and found this one, spoken in one of the first Besiegeds.

That so sums up what I love about Besieged! :D How everyone, JP or NA, no matter your LS or level or what you do in other events, works together towards a common goal! Hundreds of RL people, up to 700 RL people from around the world all working together on something. That would be amazing RL, yet it takes place in a game! Morning, afternoon, middle of the night, hundreds of RL people working together! It makes me smile just thinking about it now. :)

On to what had been the start of the post before~!

I'm getting out of the habit of posting again! Bad Thistle, no donut.

Yay Dani & Des static met! It's been weeks (months?) since I last XPed, then suddenly I joined up for two statics that started this week. I kind of thought I missed it? Or should miss it? Nope. :P Turns out the same thing still applies: I really don't like XPing. For a job I want to level (CORCORCORCORCOR) I'll do it, especially when I can work with friends. :) But for a job I don't really care about? No way, Jose. So sadly I dropped out of the second static before its first meeting. BST with this group is thumbs-up (at least until COR), but SMN (zero interest in it) is a no-go.

I've kind of been spoiled by BRD, too. For the first two minutes of being a DD, it felt good to get back to it. Then I got bored. All you have to do is engage, then you can walk away, watch TV, chat, anything! Arg! With BRD I was always busy, and the few times I wasn't it was a rare treat. It was sort of boggling just how little I had to look at the screen. Nothing at all to watch for wearing! And Dani is a rocking PLD, so I only kept half an eye on her HP. (I wanted to voke a whole lot more than I did. :P )

It was pretty fun seeing how well people did when playing jobs so opposite their usual. Our WHM's main is NIN75, our PLD's main is WHM75, and BRD me was doing BST until we catch up with my COR. SAM Draque was doing RDM, and Nai (NIN 75 main) is going to join us as THF same time I switch to COR.

I'm bouncing and can't wait to go on COR, which will be lots busier! And I'll have a gun~! <3 And it's so nice to work with everyone! And soon Nai will be joining us!

I don't like to use the modelviewer to see what I look like in AF (that kind of feels like cheating), but sometimes I can't resist. And wow, I actually look good in COR AF! That's some horrible, horrible AF (though with a sexyhat~) but my model can actually pull it off. :D

I shouldn't be this bouncy for an hour after bedtime. c.c
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