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RL and FFXI stuff

Before any FFXI stuff, I'm happy to report that the assumed-abuse of fictional children (fictional, as they do not exist) will no longer be punished by LJ! The top LJ guy (while Brad is away) apologized for their actions. To those who weren't following this drama, that meant that people who posted stories about an underaged Harry Potter having sex with a related adult character were getting their LJs banned because incest is against LJ's ToS. Again, these are characters who do not now nor have they ever existed. There is no way to really hurt them, as they're not real people. Fiction, not reality.

I've not added 'chan' back into my interest list because all this has made me wary. Instead I like animarelic's idea:


Anyway, on to FFXI! I wasted too many hours farming/camping stuff, though at least I got to add Bloodpool Vorax to my list of killed NMs. He didn't drop anything at all, but it's no biggie. I got a stack and a half of beastman blood in the 5 hours of leech-killing to make him pop.

Caught another level 1 Besieged (you weren't on, Achi, otherwise I would have poked you). Yay 300 limit points.

Spent the rest of the night helping get another LS BLU spells. I like killing things and free XP is good, so yay.

I actually ran around as DRK for the first time in forever, and I'm totally reminded as to why I stay on BRD 24/7. Running at normal speed is so slow! Took forever to get anywhere! *is so spoiled* It was fun doing Besieged as a DD though, so much easier than BRD!

While running around getting spells, I saw my first mirror! The mirror looks like a mirror! Fancy that! We also saw a NM (Farlander the Shrewd), but I totally forgot to get a screenshot. I'm kicking myself, since he's not listed in BG's Unclaimed NMs thread yet. :( I suck.

Hot & Cold in the Jungles is very very cool. Today I got a buffalo hide! And today and yesterday I got two adaman ingots made with anima (frigid and inferno). Both are kind of useless, but would be a free level 99 synth to any smiths skilling out there! I've also gotten two of the ingots to make reraise earrings (worth 25K each once Chaser makes them!), and a piece of that special coral to make RR hairpins. So nice! So different than H&C elsewhere!

And lastly, I wonder how long this mule will last?

No plans at all for tomorrow. I think I'll go to the DMV on Tuesday during the 7.5 hour downtime on the game. :(
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