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*shoots the TV* (RL, FFXI)

(Edit: Post is kind of depressing, so have a cute kitty to make up for it!)

This 'Creature Comforts' show may be the worst show I have ever seen on TV. Horrible 'animation' (claymation). Interviews from thousands of Americans and they pulled lines out to animate. The first clip: Two dogs are sniffing another dog's butt. The voice track they used were two men smelling a glass of wine before they drank it. Really, it's just that funny.

Nothing else is on, so I figured I'd leave it on in the background as noise. I got up to the part (about five minutes in) with some hick-sounding guy saying 'nothing should go up your butt, butts are made for things to go out of and not to go into' before I shut it off. I've never wanted to throw the remote at the TV before now.


FFXI: Operation Assault With Randoms: Canceled! Yesterday I wasted two tags on doing Excavation Duty (the simplest one, 'kill all walls') with randoms. Half the party had no invisible, there were deaths, and we only won 1/2 runs. Today a rank 10 guy was shouting for help with 13, and since I could do BRD/RDM and nearly solo it, I said sure. Damned idiot third person (RDM) wouldn't stop casting even when told to, got hate, died, I was in range and died next. Yay eating a damned R1 and the waste of another tag. That's it. I give up on randoms for anything.

Not wanting to deal with random idiots and yet bored out of my brain, I took BST out for a while. It was okay, other than when the two "soloers" (solo + PL) and the one person leveling their NPC moved into where I was working. Yeah, no pets. But no problems, since there were no mobs to kill anyway.

While Hot & Cold'ing this morning, I spotted Rose Garden, but I was naked and had no weapon, so I let him be.

Yesterday I found a new-to-me NM, though it isn't really named like one. Geyser Lizard, he only dropped a skin.

H&C is being very very good to me. Over the weekend I dug up a puppet attachment which sold for 150K. (History had been 250K to 130K, I priced it low because it was slow selling and a few were up.) Couple buffalo hides, a wooden flower pot... H&C is becoming my major source of income nowadays.

Plain old chocobo digging isn't going so well. It's the summer, so kids are all out of school. (Darned kids, they should go to school 340 days a year! :P ) The Deserts are never, ever not dug up, I hardly even bother trying there anymore. Very sad, it's like pre-nerf days.

Tomorrow is the update day (yay), but who knows what I'll do for the whole day. I have RL stuff that I need doing, but they're doing work on the patio outside my apartment so basically you can't go in or out between 9 AM and 4 PM. That'd be fine if I wasn't on vacation... I want to go out, but I don't want to be stuck out until 4.
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