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Good and bad night (FFXI)

Last night I stayed up until 2 AM for Besieged, and my cat woke me up at the usual time this morning, so I'm mighty sleepy and more than a bit grumpy. Wasting half the morning at the DMV and getting nothing done didn't help the day any.

Good things on game: I made over a million gil in less than an hour. o.O Yay selling gold coins! I got as much as 22K for one and as little as 9K (sold to a LS friend, lowest AH sale was 13K). I sold about 80K IS worth of them, so I still have 100K IS left.

The other good thing: I found the change made to the Woodlands! It would be the addition of:

Very rare result, I got only 1 in my 100 items (86 in Woodlands, the rest in Thickets). How cool is this? As of tonight, it remains:

I'm the one and only sale! :D I have no idea what to list it for for real, as I don't even know what it makes. (Anyone who says 'ceramics' gets hit. :P )

Other than that, as far as I could tell, Woods digging remained the same. I got all the usual ores (gold, plat, alum, adaman, darksteel) and roughly the same amounts of the junk-type stuff there. So hey, maybe the change isn't bad!

The bad on-game: Spent all evening seeking, only invite was a totally unworkable party (THF, THF, THF, WAR, DRK, RNG (me), levels 19-24). I hate XPing, I hate random people, and I don't want to play RNG (need it for subjob), so seeking all night under those conditions didn't make me a happy camper. I'm just going to seek on Qufim Island (because I don't mind pulling there as much as I do elsewhere) and once I outgrow that zone I should be plenty far ahead and be able to keep ahead of COR with XP scrolls.

I'm sort of thinking I should go back to the Dunes (I'm RNG 19), but I really really don't want to. There were tons of level 19 melees seeking in Qufim tonight, so I'm hoping I can get away with no going back to the Dunes for a level.
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