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Stop sneaking into my apartment at night, birdies! (RL, FFXI)

Woke up at 3 AM this morning to something chirping in my apartment. 'How could a bird get in here? In the middle of the night? But it stopped so I guess I can go back to sleep.' *chirp* ... *chirp*

Darned smoke detector decided to demand a new battery in the middle of the night. 3:30 AM I dragged out a stepstool to climb up and wrestle the battery out. Never did get back to sleep..

Bah. zzzzz


FFXI: I spent 2.5 million gil today to come to a decision. I think it's time to give up on goldsmithing skilling. 2.5M got me barely over 3 levels on Chaser (75 to 78.3), but at least that meant the end was near! 70-80 is some of the most painful skilling in goldsmithing, but from 80 on you can make profit. ...or could. Past tense. The economy has changed so much and there are so damned many goldsmithers out there that the profit is gone (if you skill on elemental ores -> beads there's a little profit left... until you break a synth and lose it, then you're out about 100K). I'd be looking at losing a hell of a lot more than a million per level for the next long while, and so I think it's time to stop throwing good money after bad.

I hadn't even felt like skilling today, but I had nothing else to do and had all the money from selling the gold IS coins. On the plus side, that money came in so fast I don't feel like I'm missing it now, I feel like I'm back to where I was before.

I still can't decide if it's more of a shame to stop at 78 or keep going, but it really does feel like throwing good money after bad, so I think that's it.

In other bad-money news, I couldn't get my digging finished. Got 70 items painfully this morning, then couldn't get the last 30 tonight (was bad moon plus it's the weekend).

Good parts of the day: Nai dragged my ass out of town and took my ever-lost self around to get the mission CSs. She's way too nice for such an evil person~. Then tonight Dani, Nai, and I killed spiders and tigers for the drops for those silly general quests. Was fun killing things and getting XP and hanging around together.

Very tired now and somewhat grumpy due to lack of meals. I ate dinner last night and some toast this morning, and that's about it. Well, other than snack, but I really need real meals. That'll be the one good thing about getting back to work -- my life will get more structured and I'll eat on a more regular basis.

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