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Music and Besieged -- yay ToAU! (FFXI)

First off, in one of the latest updates a new song was added. Download it here. People are reporting that it's the final ToAU battle music, which I would totally believe. That may be my new most favorite FFXI music! Every time I think I can't love the ToAU expansion pack more, something new is added. :D I worry about future expansions though, because I can't picture anything that could top what we have now. Besieged (BESIEGED!), Assaults, great new jobs, lockers, an amazing city, a crapload of XP camps, no stupid level cap BS, and did I mention Besieged~?

And on a related note, Midgar had its first level 8 Besieged last night! I'm so happy I was able to catch it! Unfortunately (fortunately?) it was seriously easy. Trolls are always easy, but I expected more of a level 8. We had 600 in the zone which helped a lot (I can't remember the last time I saw more than 400 at a Besieged), but still, it was easier than a level 5 undead attack. We beat it so fast we didn't even get to see the HNM! :/ I was looking forward to taking lots of screenshots of it.

Short post because work is killing me (*cry*) and after being here all day I can't accomplish more on-game than my chocobo digging and any Besiegeds that happen to hit. Blarg.
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