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Bang bang, you're dead! Brush your teeth and go to bed! (FFXI)

Yay COR! 31 to 34 tonight! 33 was exciting because I got to use my peacock charm! I've only owned it for three or four months now. :P

And yay! As of last night I have everything I need for COR AF! Only things I "don't" have are things I can make myself. (Why make a gold chain and gold thread now when I can save space by just holding onto the (stackable) ingots?)

Unfortunately I missed both Besiegeds today (one over lunchtime -- had to go back to work, one during static), but meh, no biggie.

I haven't posted in a while, so you'd think I'd have more to write about, but that's it! I don't think I even have any screnshots waiting... *checks* Nope! So I'll leave you with an older one that I hadn't posted here in LJ:

One of the most horrible Galka I have ever seen~!

Yay COR!
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