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Challenging crafting day (FFXI)

A wiser crafter would have waited for a better night, but I often do things the hard way. (See a couple posts down, the whole 'pouncing thistles' thing~.) For Chaser's next goldsmithing skillup item, she needed a subcraft: smithing. On Thistle this would have been no issue! He has every subcraft leveled. Chaser? Zero.

(And yes, I'm back to thinking about skilling GSing on her. :/ I have so many ori ores and plat rings stored up to use! And of course I'll be kicking myself after spending another 2M on two levels again... if I'm lucky enough to get two.)

Anyway! Horrible moon for skilling and two of the four days couldn't have been worse, but I pressed on. And if the moon/days weren't bad enough, I was going to skill smithing with almost no fire crystals. Believe that's even possible?

For the last many weeks, fire crystals have been 500-800/stack, as high as 1K/stack. They started tonight at 2K/stack and ended over 2.5K/stack. ><

Luckily I had a few stacks on hand, but mostly I just picked things that used other crystals. I ended up vendoring or desynthing most everything, other than some arrowheads Beanie could use.

Just over 4 hours, a tad more money than I should have spent*, but she went from smithing 0 to 20! Yay!

(* Because of the horrible moon, I never got that 'OMG! Low level crafting skillups are so fast!' effect. Amazingly, in the whole 0-20 run, I only got one skillup over .1. How mind-blowing is that? So I had to do lots more synths, and less-good ones since I was avoiding ones needing fire crystals.)

So anyway, soon she'll be making another GS skilling push. I'm hoping that will get her to 80. I can't recall how far into 78 she is... I suspect .0!
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