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I'm not very smart~ (FFXI)

It's now hours after my bedtime, and I'm still up. Can anyone guess what I'm waiting for? That's right! Besieged! At bedtime, two waves just barely started growing. >< What timing! I had intended to go to bed, I really really did (I wanted to get up early tomorrow and go to the farmer's market!), but how could I sleep when the beastmen are going to attack? :/

Oh well. 2K from these two attacks will give me my third merit. No clue what I'll spend them on.

We got lots of stuff done today though! More spells for LS BLUs. The one off the frogs (I forgot to take any screenshots -- I was kind of busy!), and the one from the soulflayers. Soulflayers are very cool looking and no where near as bad to fight as I thought they would be. They were tons easier than the frogs!

After that was a Besieged, then a group of us went out to skill. What a good night! Marksmanship went from 140 to 177, great axe went from 30-something to 20-something levels higher. (I was really there for marksmanship, any GA skillups were just bonus.) Most importantly:

Yay! I wanted to learn that before COR could use it, so I'd have it ready and waiting as soon as I leveled.

Friday night I joined the Dhalmel Whistle Club. Celphie, the hundred "fisting" dhalmel was kind enough to drop it on my first kill. Spent about 30 minutes total (which was good because I was getting bored). Bunch of people on LS have been camping her lately for that, and Friday night no one was so I figured I better step up to the plate. :P Assuming the AGI charge keeps working if you switch out your neck piece, I'll be able to make good use of that on COR. If it goes away when you switch, well... um... that's a cute name for an object, isn't it!

I'm hoping to get to bed before 2:30 AM. Maybe I can still wake up early enough to catch the farmer's market...
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