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Stupid is as stupid does (FFXI)

Three hours sleep last night. It's after my usual logging off time. Besieged is building.

I said to myself: As much as I like Besieged, I'm starting to wish SE hadn't introduced it.

Then I laughed and decided I'd be better off wishing for some self-control so that I could log off at bedtime, no matter what /bmap was showing.

I'm going to be so tired tomorrow.

(PS: I did get to the farmer's market this morning! Very very happy I did. Best corn on the cob I've had in my life, three pints of strawberries (two eaten already!), cherries, blueberries, and lots of fresh bread! Mmmm.)

PPS: Ghostandfriends is a very scary elf. Even scarier when we have conversations in haiku. Being hit on is no better even when in 5-7-5 form!
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