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Two nights in a row of three hours of sleep is a bit rough. So tired. zzzz

Besieged last night wasn't fun in the least. Not nearly enough people for a level 8 and the usual skilling/leeching people wasting space. All generals but one died. I'm totally amazed we won at all, I kept expecting her to be one-shotted.

I had mentioned to barahir_ffxi and other folks that I don't really like music, that in general it does nothing for me. There's an exception! The song in this flash video (link leads to download site) is the most beautiful song I've ever heard. I could (and do!) listen to it over and over.

Warning for people who like to avoid Drama: The flash video is that highly amusing one about Ryunoire. I've watched it many times over the past couple years it's been around, but it still makes me snicker every time.
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