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I usually try to avoid posting about politics because I don't like arguing with people. However, there was a quote on the news which really amused me, so I'll repeat it here. Paraphrasing, unfortunately. On idiot Bush's latest act:

Bush's popularity is already so low that nothing he can do now can make it lower, so he might as well use his power to help his friends.

This whole thing is so sad, so embarrassing. I'd say 'Well, at least those who voted for him got what they deserved, hope they're proud of him now', but the problem is, those of us who didn't vote for him are being punished in the same way.

(If you missed the news story and have no idea what I'm talking about: Bush is keeping Lewis Libby from serving a single day in prison. What did Libby do? Valerie Plame was an undercover agent. Her husband released proof that Bush outright lied to start this mess of a war we're in. As 'punishment' for her husband, Libby leaked his wife's name as a spy. And Bush pardoned Libby (his prison sentence, anyway. In Bush's words, the damage to his reputation is enough of a punishment. *roll eyes* x a million).)


Nothing big in FFXI land. Chaser got to goldsmithing 79 last night. Rapier are so much love for skillups, it's only too bad they require a HQ2 of a purple rock. I cut 100 purple rocks over the new moon and got 3 HQ2s. c.c I got more HQ3s than HQ2s! Too bad nearly every form of cut purple rock is mostly useless and sells for poo. (HQ3 of blue rock? 30-40K. HQ3 of purple? 5K. HQ1 of blue? 4-9K. HQ1 of purple? 1K.)

Candysense was lost midafternoon. I was home for lunch, but had to go back to work just as the attack started. 350 in the zone, started with 4 generals. I'm hoping the Candysense stays gone for a couple days. I actually got eight hours of sleep last night! I need a few more days to recover. (Last time it was gone it got returned in 6 hours, so I really got no break at all.)

COR static group tonight! Yay! We should hit 36! Couple more weeks and we can do our AF weapons! :D And tonight I get a new gun and a new earring!
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